my daily cross-site data mangling.

  • 12:26 When living in high humidity, the "do not eat" packets are really great for keeping trash cans smelling reasonable (under the bag) #
  • 12:27 @CjTownsend88 damn straight. #
  • 12:28 @nickythegreek it was some crazy, crazy stuff. Just put the "small cam" pics up. #
  • 12:29 @DJ_RoNak you are too good to me. #
  • 12:30 @ka8grh the joy of Taiwan is that its pretty blunt about its humidity, it rains if the dew point blinks, but indoors, its more sneaky. #
  • 12:31 @ka8grh Ha! Oh dear. I'll have to get more posts up on quickly to explain! #

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