End of Days

The Grip got it first

('cause, you know, Steve has ABSOLULTELY NOTHING ELSE TO DO, congrats, again man on getting married and the honeymoon!)

But yeah, so here it is

I'll get the track listing together yet, but the mix is 2hr 45min (you have been warned.)

Cori and I have settled in nicely in our beautiful apartment that the school set up for us. Its a two bedroom, and its neat, with lots of good omens and feng shui.

Here's pics from our time in Taipei:
Taiwan (Taipei)

And our time in Taichung, where we will be for the most part while we are here:
Taiwan (Taichung)

Taiwan (Taichung Week 2)

I'm going to start compiling a more "local" mix now that I've started to get a vibe for the music scene here. There's some tracks I want to remix from here, but there's so much already on my plate. Looking into school, learning Chinese the Taiwan way, swimming, biking, and much more.

Its amazing.


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