Its so funny when sites ask you to summarize yourself for personal or professional reasons. One recent result of this is as follows:

I launched a rocket on a TV screen with a Timex Sinclair that my grandfather gave me. Five Radio Shack electronic kits, two BASIC books, and three upgrades later I was learning Turbo PASCAL in high school with the kids that liked to pull pranks on the teachers using boot discs programmed to make the screen strobe and play Funkadelic remixes through the built-in speaker.

After working as a Support Technician, a Systems Administrator, a Photo Editor Intern and a Barista, I realized my true love was in the world of analytical design of code that make the web work in ways people liked.

I loathe the nit-picking, I like a well-documented, well-planned project scope, design guide, and easily searched meeting notes, even if it was from over coffee at the place down the street or on Skype in the airport.

I love the challenge of embracing new technologies, making them work, making them shine brighter and I like even more knowing when to fall back on the reliable solutions and grinning while a new concept gets implemented using proven concepts in next to no time.

If its something worth doing, that helps people, looks good, runs smoothly, I'm for it.

My wife is teaching English in Taiwan right now, so I'm living in paradise, so to speak, but that means I'm 12-13 hours out from EST, though a bit more in sync with PST. Still, I'm working with a variety of clients in the U.S., so its possible for me to work for you!


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