The week-out. Work-end.

So yeah... Maybe I'll just update on Thursdays since I can't seem to get my head together until that day of the week on a given week.  

Last night was mad fun.  I danced a ton, blended ll cool j with radiohead for two minutes, and found a remix of peaches that the girls like.  

So, tonight, I ... think I'm at Spice on the patio.  Not sure.  Should be Funk, Soul, Disco, classic hip-hop-tastic.  

Friday, I'll be playing blues and classic rock between sets for the Spikedrivers show at Skully's

Saturday I actually have the night off, so I'm taking my friend to see Shapeshifter and Steve Aoki at Sugar.  

Sunday: mixtape time.  Maybe movie night?

Monday:  I have no idea.  
Tuesday: See Monday.

Work @ Skully's 
with Mister Shifter!
CJ, Moxy and me, Dave Espionage will be starting the madness at 10pm, all hell breaks loose shortly thereafter, including shots, inappropriate dancing and CJ playing "Beeper" three times in two hours.  


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