Coloring a situation with imagination

The aspect of my imagination that takes what my eyes bring into my brain and manipulates it accordingly is rather powerful. It interprets perspective, and creates shifts in basis from what I know to be true of my surroundings.

For instance: A man is driving a van with a logo on the side of the van clearly stating that it is owned by the property management service for the office with whom I'm currently doing consulting work. I only see the silouette of the man's face, his glasses, and his hands on the wheel.

Let's do a workshop. How else would this series of events be differently interpreted?

My version:
(or rather, what I chose to see as soon as this event unfolded)

A man ominously drives a van through the parking lot on an overcast and dreary day. A low tone of music is heard in the background supporting the suspicious mood of this event. The van has a logo of the property management company on the side, but its unusual for him to be out by the building at this hour. He is evidently setting up something... suspicious.

My second version:

Cheery music plays as Tom the delivery driver careens carefree through the rainy day across the parking lot towards the loading bay. He's got a special delivery to make! The office needs new whiteboards for their conference rooms, and he's got it under control. The van stops gently and Tom unloads his needed supplies, nearly falling over comedically from the sheer size of his load.

I love my imagination.


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