Why I love my job

Geek humor and editorial:

So we've got a client that has one of the in-line members of our testing team using a powerpc with ie (internet explorer) 5.5 for mac os 9. She refuses/can't afford to upgrade. She is also the ONLY person in any of the client base we deal with that has this situation.

She recently could not edit certain fields in a form for customizing a print product, and the reason why is funny in its own right. It was a change I had made two years ago, and it never seemed to work on modern browsers, but I had no idea that it worked flawlessly on mac ie 5.5. Also, mac ie 5.5 apparently interprets the css style setting of "display:inline" to mean "PLEASE PUT THIS ITEM ON TOP OF THE LAST DISPLAYED ITEM ABOVE IT. FORGET COMMON SENSE. THANK YOU."

Given the variety of companies we work with, the changes I had to make are not unreasonable, they're why we have an imac with a similar configuration in the office.

However, the repeated issues we were having only with respect to this one person gave way to the joke response from our rep at the client's site:

I've got Mozaic 1.8.2-b running here on my Mac IIcv through
a Radius Pivot and can't seem to load the site
or see things in color.

Any ideas?

Monitor link for reference:


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