I'm scardeder than you

There are those that are familiar with "The Show" with ZeFrank. He is usually very funny and knowledgeable, all in 3 minutes.
(The show following this one that I am linking to is a key example of said hilarity)

This one, however, is serious, but I thought it to be one of the most well put clarifications on the matters of terror, fear and generalized statements by public officials.

Also, a comic I read regularly, Bunny, had an interesting statistic set as well.

All said and done, I'm possibly more maleable than my friends with regard to fear, terror, etc. and I value that I have friends that tend to think very actively for themselves. They do so admirably, and are not so easily swayed by generalizations, fear, and ultimately, the unknown.

These things just helped me solidify a bit more the ideas that have been bothering me. Namely things regarding politics, quelling fear with fear, psychology of people in large groups, and why there seems to be so much hatred for that which is not understood.


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