Jed's Theme

Jed and I have known each other since middle school, which is part of the reason it was so incredibly hard to establish a set of themes that worked well for a theme song. That was one of the major challenges with Ashe was that I've known her through many shifts in personality, growth, maturity. With Jed that familiarity is both closer and broader. Also important is the fact that he also writes music, and I felt the need to emulate some aspects of that where possible.

Dave Espionage's Custom Theme Songs, for the Overdramatic and Those who are Stars in Their Own Imagination

So, is what happens when I go through five drafts of a song, I scrap the other four (I even tried pulling themes together from them, but it wasn't solid enough for me) and go a completely different direction. I've got to ease up on the strings, though I do love using them. I've always enjoyed strings. Anywho, its at least a part of how I see Jed, though the image is much larger in my mind.


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