Technologically speaking:

There's a dissonance present in my mind when I think of hosting that involves one server for web services, and a separate server on a separate provider to handle mail. Then again, when you set up your clients on a provider's servers, mail and web handled by the same servers, and the mail and web services work fine for several MONTHS, its a little suprising when suddenly all mail services stop working. Even more suprising when the sysadmin at the provider says that there are all sorts of "misconfigurations" present, specifically:

"there are several issues that may be affecting the mail service. Some of these domains did not have proper MX records. This I have rectified. Many of the domains show a Status as Registrar Lock instead of Active when you perform a Express lookup or Whois. Some of these domains are still pointing to the wrong nameservers including some pointing to Innerhost (our provider) name servers. And the main domain that you are using as the main nameserver, (name removed for sanity's sake) appears also as Lock. Please check all your DNS records and the registration status and which nameservers (to which) they are pointing"

We are currently moving away from this provider as a result. The configurations have been like this for months and worked properly, and suddenly as though a tree fell onto a high-power line somewhere in Florida (Interland's home) our services were null and void to critical customers.

Not the best business practices.


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